Intimidating way

As a victim, you should confront the bully with your complaint.

Keep your emotions in check -- the company may be secretly waiting for an excuse to fire him, and if your tormentor explodes in anger and you don't, you may have given your company just the pretext it needs to do so.

In extreme cases, workplace intimidation can lead to suicide.

One of the most effective ways for a manager to prevent workplace bullying is to respect his own subordinates, thereby promoting a company culture of mutual respect.

A farmer who had a flashing beacon on the dashboard of his car as he drove in an “intimidating” way along a Co.

Antrim dual-carriageway caused other drivers to panic – and at least one road user almost crashed.

Mc Toal appeared in court where a defence lawyer said his client works on the family farm and is also a part-time barman.

Mc Toal’s lawyer said he normally uses the beacon in the “context of farming”.

A prosecutor told Ballymena Magistrates Court on Thursday that on Monday, May 15, this year Mc Toal was driving a Volkswagen Passat in a way which was intimidating to other drivers as a yellow flashing dash strobe-light was operating.

Such behavior is destructive to the victim and the company.

Your boss may be bullying you if he intentionally assigns you tasks that he knows you are unqualified to complete and constantly finds fault with your work.

Your co-workers may be bullying you if they give you the "silent treatment" or otherwise consistently ostracize you. Superiors, peers or even subordinates may sabotage your work to provide a pretext for disciplining you or even firing you.

Your tormentors may even accuse you of bullying them if you stand up to them.

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