Icelandic dating marriage

Do not come to early, because the bars work till 5 a.m. If you found a company and someone buys you a drink, it is a great gesture of hospitality here.

on this day and you are surely came to drink, as most Iceland guys and girls do there, so till the evening ends there is chance you’ll be trashed. Later you may buy drink for the one who’s bought you. And if some of the girls bought a drink to you, that means you’re on the right way and she likes you.

A good to say you are foreigner who is leaving soon and want to party in Iceland like the last time and ask the question where the party could go on, are there any bars open, and stuff like that.

If you will be persuasive and ready to achieve the goal, Icelandic girl in your bed will be the prize for your patience and endless tries. or Europe such behavior might seem really awkward, but it is quite normal practice in Iceland.

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Iceland is small and many people there know each other.Remember that slight touching is more about normal in Iceland, but not kissing.If you try to kiss a girl in the bar, she might be offended and you may have problems.That is why when you decided to find girl in Iceland, use the weekend time the best. Buy a drink, let the local friendly, laugh and drunk atmosphere get into your body.Let’s say, in is Saturday and you came to the local bar in Reykjavik. When you start chatting with people it would go easier.

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