How to chat with a pornstar without sign up

As soon as he started, Lon seemed fixated on convincing me to stay until the end.“This could be the most important video you ever watch,” he promised.“The point is not always to get the customer to buy the product,” Urminsky says. Long videos can act as a sorting mechanism, a way to ‘qualify your prospects.’ Once you’ve established this is a person who’ll sit through anything, you can contact them by email later and sell them other products.” “Those Nigerian prince scams are not very convincing,” he adds, “but they’re meant not to be.If you’re a skeptical person, the scammers want to spend as little time with you as possible.The individual tricks themselves are peculiar, but the larger trick—of why this bizarre and omnipresent marketing strategy works—tells us a lot about what makes us click, buy, and believe. A kindly voice began: “Prepare to be shocked.” I prepared myself.As “Lon” spoke, his words flashed simultaneously on the screen, Power Point-style.Apparently Obama has signed an executive order authorizing him to institute martial law and “steal your food supply,” but “Matt” has developed “a weird but incredibly effective system” to survive the coming storm.In the interests of journalism, I also checked out the “1 Weird Secret That Pornstars Use to Get BIG DICKS.” Sure enough, this involved a dude talking at me while words flashed on the screen: “Stay until the end of this video...

You will “look and feel like you were never sick.” Your doctor will confirm your cure, astounded. “People tend to think something is important if it’s secret,” says Michael Norton, a marketing professor at Harvard Business School.Why are the illustrations done by small children using MS Paint?I’ve never pursued these questions, though, because a fear of computer viruses and identity theft has always stayed my hand.Slick ads suggest profit-hungry companies, not stay-at-home moms or rogue truth-tellers trying to help the little guy.There may be another reason for the length and shoddiness of the ads.

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