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In 2001, the city's population was 292,000, which declined to 256,714 by 2013.

The northern outskirts of the city are mainly used for agriculture. The average temperatures are −5 C (23 F) in January and 18 C (66 F) in June.And since this unavailability of single men is generally all over Ukraine and former USSR, Russian girls and Ukrainian girls will register with the local marriage agency that works with international dating sites, thus increasing their chances to find the right man.” Kuneyeva added, “Although her marriage agency is working with both local men and foreigners, it is clear that most of her clients are from abroad.The main reason is that local men have no difficulty to find a single woman and don’t really need the services of a third party.” Lalonde added, “On the other hand, it seems that despite the somewhat remoteness of Horlivka, more and more foreigners are discovering this mid-size city and the vast majority of those travelers are men who are going with the intent to find a Ukrainian bride.” About My Partner My Partner was founded in 2007 and is incorporated in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It specializes in introducing single Russian women seeking a foreign husband to men from all over the world.In 1779 the city was founded as Gosudarev Posad (meaning posad of Gosudar of Russia) and in 1869 it was renamed after Pyotr Gorlov as Gorlovka (locally Horlivka).The workers' town provided basic services to and organization of a series of mining camps.

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