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"I would take the pad apart and make three tampons because it would hold better at work and I have received a ticket before for contraband because you’re not allowed to do that," she said.Kitcheyan said if blood stained a prisoner's pants, she would be given a ticket for being out of dress code, which could result in her losing visitation rights, phone calls and the ability to purchase store items — including tampons and pads.Jeff Flake not running for re-election amidst a changing Republican Party and the allegations of sexual harassment in Arizona's Legislature.Johanna Huckeba/The Republic's political team discusses Governor Doug Ducey giving raises to the members of his inner circle instead of prioritizing teacher raises as promised.Johanna Huckeba/Corrections & Clarifications: A previous version of this story misstated the cost of additional menstrual pads requested by inmates. They must ask an officer if they need more and may possess up to 24 at a time.Unlike in other states, if they want tampons, they must buy them.Doug Ducey deregulating blowout bars and pay raises to his public relations team along with Rep. Don Shooter's apology for sexual harassment on Jan. Hayley Sanchez/The Republic's politics teams talks Rep.Kelly Townsend's post about a topless woman at the women's march on Jan. Carly Henry/azcentral The Republic's politics team talks about a bill proposed by Sen. Grijalva's settlement after an employee accused him of working drunk, the race for State Treasurer and Mesa Mayor John Giles' comment to Jeff Flake insulting Trump on Nov. Johanna Huckeba/azcentral The Republic's politics team talks on Nov.

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"I’m not aware that there’s a problem with this," she said, in part because there are few formal reports from inmates about this being a problem.Doug Ducey trying to repeal 'Obamacare.' Johanna Huckeba/azcentral The Republic's political team discusses Mark Brnovich suing Arizona Regents over high tuition costs, Trump cutting a deal with Democrats and the Constitutional Planning Convention on Sept. Carly Henry and Johanna Huckeba/azcentral The Republic's political team on Sep. Hannah Gaber/In this week's episode, reporters Yvonne Wingett Sanchez, Dan Nowicki and Rob Hansen discuss the health-care bill, and how it might affect Arizonans, along with the state's school-voucher program. The Arizona Legislature is considering a bill that would provide incarcerated women with an unlimited supply of feminine hygiene products, including tampons, pads, cups and sponges.6, 2017, discusses Arizona's school-voucher program potentially reaching the ballot, the future of DACA and the recent House vote on Hurricane Harvey relief. Jeff Flake's new book defends Reagan-style conservatism and critiques the Republican Party. Johanna Huckeba/The Republic's political team discusses Arizona's congress support of President Trump's agenda, the disconnect between foster families and the Department of Child Safety and a recent request for voter information. Currently, incarcerated women automatically get 12 free pads each month.Civil-rights lawyer Kirstin Eidenbach said that is because inmates have recently found it more difficult to contact the ACLU of Arizona and are afraid of retaliation."Our recent tour to Perryville leads us to believe that this is very much still an issue," she said, adding that women with endometriosis or just a heavy flow sometimes use five pads at once to cope.

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