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The papershows northern Idaho - has taken home the lion's share of the money, S257.1 million. The Magic Valley received SI 06.2 million, 10.1 percent of the total funds available. When the officers found out' Dany was present, they-sbandoned their mission in an episode not yet fully explained. Twin Fofis, lked in Azi Aiijan last weekend, said two ve^ad to people had been killed in the latest “f 5 - noting and 14 injuted. Some sug- Symms also advised members of gest the Legislature might have to the two transportation committees to —consider raising lh affun to_ explore other funding opti ons fo r the create a highway building fund. Elsewhere, afternoon reading* - ■■ ij Bg edtn Btnhre Orand OOinrtotfaclow CT ~ 40*. , Whiiebird Hill, wet; Gnngeville-Moicow, icy spots; Weis^r-New Meadows, icy spots; Maning-Oregon Tine. He said may^c th e best thing that he transplant fund would cost the slate. Cecil Andrus has rccomincnd ed a -S-20-mi Miu** iiirrcase Tu'r'tiie siaie Department oflleallh uiul Welfare for 1991, But, fur the part, that increase is already .spent. “I don’t intend to." Fraley said he could not comment " — — — onjhc state law bc Muse he ha s not beard of it before.'"' SHMURl ALl USSP i r A L l Ui MTOMible-W-OOl LCOUld Jl U:. “For a while there it looked like the roads in Magic Valley were bet- ter o ITthan other roads in other areas -ofthestatc,’lexplained Xcith. endure in the kind of system we The clash look p Eccnra TBic Twr- presentlyhavc.^ dcr with Nakhichevan' an District Attorney Ira Rcin CT also Azerbaijani-controlled enclave stir- said juxlicial reform was needed, rounded by Armenia to the north “Insane is the word that comes to and by Turkey and Iran to the south, mind^... future - like building toil roads or The federal government can'Lbail encouraging businesses to finance out Idaho’s bridges and roads either, ^eir own roads. Steve to shoulder more of tbe costs," Symms told Idaho lawmakers not to Symms said. H' I pressure over the nor Utwesi.'ctm- binet J with a split upper (low offshore . Eltewbere Jn ihe'haiioh' Thursday, the highest lenweraiure was 88 degrees at : Mc Allen, The lowest was 22 below zero SI West Yellowswn CTWofi L Idaho road report BOISE (AP) — The Idaho Depanmenl of Traniponaiion wid most Idaho high- • way* were clear Thursday afternoon _ rwe^t fnr palchg* of trt Owan J ic C St hig h^ ' er elevation and fog in some parts of the ; Conditions; • U. Newcomb’s transplant programs would have to eompeie with federally mandated programs a.s well as with a • See FUND on Page B2 Fraley: Dropping public defender may be mistake By KIRK MITCHELL Timcs-Ncws writer TWIN FALLS - County Commissioner Jim Fralcy^ays a dccision to end the • cduhly’s'cbnlract'withr Pub Ii C~Dcfcnder‘ Michael Wood may have been a mistake. Jory back in school; Newcomb finds little interest in fund - G1 Inside today arkctplaoe ■ bl itffe*s-News' 35 * 85th year, No. Annual Inflation I Consumer Price Index since 19O0| Magic Valley grot .'oad money ni^ni : i n I i a i n I i I M I a Consumer prices hit 8-year high The Associated Press WASHINGTON — Inflation increased modestly in 1989 to an eight-year high of 4.6 per- — ^centrtoostcd'bydouble=digir“ price increases for dairy foods, eggs, tobacco and fuel ol! Construction of new housing, meanwhile, plunged 7.6 percent lost year to 1.37 million units, the lowest level since the reccs- sion year of 1982. “That’s what we pay taxes for." weekly earnings were 0.8i in I December, up 3.2 percent from a year earlier but not enough to 'kccp up with the rise in prices. Uberatyde^gnateda Sthedayoftheweekeowhlch - Ufal DOticaa will be pnb Uahed. „ Poe Usaater, pteaaa aeod ebaoge of addnaa form to: P. ‘The possibili D' does exist that the wa^y troflic',”-Spcchl said^'And TH” toxic spill on the rood would have a deleterious effect to the Clear Springs Trout Co. _ The to^ said'il would consider the request to add the grade to the state highway system. Tbis-will be one of the main access to the fossil beds, which were recently designated a national menu- mcntrxaid~Ai f re d S an dyrhighway- distiict ebairnm Rep.’ 'Toiri'Mor Tisbh; - R-Cobding, . "I think the MIew€omb-f-mds4r-an Sp}ani^-ufid Med — By MICHELLE COLE Timcs-Ncws writer BOISE-”ne:hasn Iurcs Qrtcd:iu.bellb. •• don Ts'eem to bi Tgeiiing a lot of interest from other legislators on ihi.s," Newcomb said. Expori- ary guarantee plus commis- sion Atiraciivo inceniives lof I otowi M House co uld b o ■ available. In December, consumer prices climbed a moderate 0.4 . fuel oil costs during the holiday _ - r H}o]d^n Bpf^The-woa(her-a Uo — prompted a seasonally adjusted 8 percent decline in housing ■ ■ starts— from -November to December, the steepest in 10 months. "M^^ concern was fdr my son and what they’ve done to him ... would never harm a child.” “I feel wonderful,” said •Charles Buckoy, -father of Raymond and husband of Mrs. Raymond Buckey avoided reporter s -and slipped out the courr" houticwithhi, I.. The Vista is an expensive hotel about - six blocks from the-White House.-Two city police officers boned access to - upper floors of the hold to all but — guntsr A-doren or. Food prices jumped 5.6 percent in 1989, the steepest in otne years; December food costs were up a moderate 0.4 percent. in December, bringing the increase for the year to 10.3 percen L • The price,meat, poultry fish and ■ Whm you^ve blood National Uu Un Pro LMAnoat M 38 29 .03 I. also argued ioadway Js_ " important for the economic dcvcioi--- ment of Buhl and the cities on the north side of the river. ' Clarification 7“ ~ Helen Paoli, recently appointed Jerome city clerk, will be paid , 1 82 a month, excluding l^efits. Organ transplants aren't experimental anymore, he said. will TWIN FALLS - 71i*,^^8Bid and a dmltfis tered bya- etttzens — Wood makes 600 and Baxter Dowd, who coort^ales the Magic go Vrimittcc rather than by~an ■"^^Sliliug an ''"irie^e'rm SS^^otdhu. :-sts Brf p U Mm TW ^^rt oflh SFm^ „„B - — - - - - -1 dun’twirntto puturty Orturturamc- Th. ro; KS |l^tac, Wo Jobsoflnleresl Like to control your own Income? Send Aides • TIrod of no :_bena Iltfr-And-low-wases2. We need two things — Soviet military authorities move eases to trial much more - imposed a state of emergency along rapidly and through the court more the borders with Turkey and Iran rapidly," be said, earlier this week. Speaking before the House and “I believe local government and Senate Transportation Committees the private sector should be willing earlier this week, U. Prices^ • Cootmoed from Page A1 weekly earnings were 0.8i in But Fed Vice Chairman Manuel December, up 3.2 percent from a Johnson and board member Wayne year earlier but not enough to keep Angell, in remarks published in up with the rise tn prices. Financial markets, which have Dairy products rose a sharp 2.2 been spooked in recent weeks by, percent . 1 Uwtirewhi^Atampfrtfn The Naiional Wealher Service «y» - despite deti»e moftiing fog and imukc, high preiiufc noimg farther inland across Idaho brought considerable clearing and sunshine to much of the Gem State by ' afternoon today. whieh will essentially divert any ineorsing weather systems to the north and south, will keep the inland empire fair and dry at least ihreugh the weekend. "I may change my mind," Fraley said in an 'interview Thursday; Fraley and his fellow commissioners originally were unanimous in deciding to look for a private law firm to replace the in- house office Wood currently heads. ' ' ’.l At.lhe-limc-thcrc-wcrc.sorac-problcms going on that I really can't get iiuo.” I'raley Hcmplcman said the commissioners had said. Rubin said she would consult with Projects— • cwwwwt fixan Page AP • expect more highway money from have n snbslanlial road.buildihg p^ 'be fedctal govetnincnl anytime gram and should have one, Batt said. Thursday editions of The Wall Food prices jumped 5.6 percent in Street Journal, suggested little 1989, the steepest in otne years; prospect ofjinothcr mterest-ratc cut December food costs were up a iii the near fiiture. in December, bnnging the I inflation fears, were mixed in incresisc for the year to 10.3 p OTcnt. Bond prices ' The pric Cw Of meat, poultry fished- 1 The Accu-Woalhof* forecast lor noon. The extended foreeaii for Southern Idaho — Partly eloudy Sunday. They characterized their motivation then as purely financial. “I think he needs some direeliori mailed about 35 quc.stionnaircs to lawyers." -admimstrativxlythatmayhclphimr^^ rjudgesimd-Wood-s-former-clients-to-solicit- Controversy over the public defender’s opinions tin the best' way to give legal office began recently when- Wood, public assislancclo indigen Ls. Commissioners hope the questionnaire ill help them decide whcllicr they can Since Wood divulged the memo.

“You have endured where all else hasfailed,”thcjudgetoldjurors. Jory, who suffers from a rare congenital disor der know n a.s Gaucher j_ di.scase. Cloudy Monday and Tuesday with a ehaifte of rain in the vall^i and'snow m the moun- tains both'day^i Hi^ in the 30s to lower 40s. ” I he warmesi teniperaiure in me smis ' Thurida'y'wss 49 degrees at Lowell.i Stanley repotted. ■dcfcnder"sincc“1985;' revealed that "At this point we're not evcn-discussing- commissioners had sent him ii memo last Mike Wood, we’re discussing the system," summer saying they would not renew his Hcmplcman said. Fraley save money with a private firm, he said, said, several attorneys and. "1 think he earns every penny." l-'raley said if the cunmiission decides to keep Wood, he wuiildti’l back a pay cut. direelion of the llove-Robenion Funeral k-,- Chjpel. — - Interstate B4 — Dry; Burley-Utah lifsc, - wet, ley. “I have a problem ■with private • industry trying to subsidize the state," he said. If the grade becomes a state high- way, it wid be eligible for state and 'federal repair and maintenance funds, said state Sen. ' Specht told board members that school buses use the grade doily and- (he West-Pbirit Highway District hasn’t got the million for repairs. - “I don’t think we need to be con- ' vinced how bad it’s needed.” Chairman John Ohman told the ^“Pi I ' . will olso lake the next 60 days to consider a request from the Hagermon Highway-District to =inclado=8H=nti Ie»=ofc4he=W«ade U;= "Ha'gcnnan highway under'thc state" hi^way umtatlla. _ During almost seven seasons as Krieg, who w‘J* “c 32 next Sca Ulc's starting quarterback, Krieg season, is among 25 SMhawks who saw his base Mla^ rise to 0,000 will become restricted free agents last year at the ctid of a thrcc-ycaf Feb. “The m'ajority of people I’ve talked to are strong proponents of the new building," he said. R B uricyr^Hid-ite^ievittg’ (trouble generating much enthusiasm for ‘a state fund to assist those who need organ transp lants. or Thurs, cert otcl YFCA 733-4364 ting, gonei son, 10 work in the lasicsi Qi Qwing print shep in Twin Falls Will train it needed Apply a J Piiniing M.tsiers, 2C1 Blue N Wanted; male or lemalc, wholesale lo tcta.l distributor and lusiockor Cl consumable and durnbie goods. Nursing Assistant - Looking lor n caring and dcpondablo pucson who would like lo .isslsl nurses in caring lor pcopio who nood long turm core Good bcno Tiis and pay lor tho right putson at Moun- tain Viow Caro Conior '5uz.innor423'5591 ' “ Prolesslonol housedoan- ing, good tales Call 423- 4 730 .nlior Spni Wanted: olliccs to clean, . “I believe local government and the private sector should be willing to shoulder more of tbe costs,” Symms said. Idaho’s business communi- ty doesn’t think it should have to pay more for them. first-round toft choices for almost ' ^Baldwin intends to open any fronl-lmc player. ..734-2673 OPENMONDAr-^Tl JRDA'f 8AM.9PM, SUNDAY9AMd PM“OVIHa7SSr DH£S7DSni VEro Ui^ — low PRICES ON QUALITY PARTS AND ACCESSORIES! 25, 1990 Uneasy market gets roug tern grain The Associated Press • NEW YORK. letters and support they received during Jury’s stay in the hospital. Smith said the district can cut costs by reducing the total square footage or ' delaying landscaping plans or paving, "it ■T^ont)cars_thai.we_could knock o ff tw o Tooms. driving eeord t-800-463-2227 Dio' Professional Services Is your business too small lor a lull lime bookkeeper? I0 Pettme •e3303-6tpeet-3i)-d(irs-t»— j^/UTi TCOr Oabysitloi lor o tcpli Qs are answe red. • Lowman-Banner Summit, icy spots, bro- ken snow floor, U. Symms also advised members of the two transportation conunittccs to .explore other fimding opti ons fo r the future - like building toil roads or encouraging businesses to finance their own roads. ^^ his finahscason and unqucstiona Sly command on the opcn-marlcetr^ above ninning back, Curt Warner's part y because there is no open base .sniaiyof Sl. said he has not "zeroed in on a National Football Leape players number ” become restneted free agents "It's a matter of finding a comfop ore eligible to aign with olhcr teams. the _presenf co^nsnttpn B , Scnhliwks,'' Baldwin said. Jory and his mother thanked the eummunity for the cards. 734-2731 TRUCK DRIVERS - Ecod liai-Uuck dnv- ors to drive Tor Dave R Grant -Truckirtg in Ogden, Into model equipment, uicelieni health S relircmcnl bcnelils 2 yrs Hal bod experience teqd must have exc. l 733-1955 Looking lor a responsible .ar’.d Javtn B.pcison JC’.c-nto Joi a 2 yr & 8 mo. i Safe ic Iiab Iu Tovrri^h'orne"Io V your little ones.

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