Free online cybersexting

Received wisdom tells us online communications are unreal, fake, and distant, but they can, in fact, be the opposite; they can represent very intense fantasies, distilled versions of romantic yearning, including its darker, more narcissistic sides, honest articulations, for better or for worse, of the inner life.

For example, if you go to a film, or watch a play, and feel a desire for one of the characters but don’t act upon it [i.e.It can be easy for a married partner to compartmentalize that fantasy persona, keeping his or her forays into taboo realms hidden in secret communications.Meaning, when Anthony Weiner sent images of his private parts to the distant Leathers as “Carlos Danger,” this might have meant little about his feelings for his very present wife. “Adultery is adultery, even if its virtual” according to Pamiglia Cristiana (Christian Family), a magazine close to the Vatican. Bill Clinton would ask us all to first define what we mean by the word “is”, but the real issue here is how do we define infidelity.

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