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In practical terms, in my driveway, in 3MP mode, I reached what I consider the minimum pixel density to identify someone at a distance of about 25′ from the camera. Based on industry standards, a suspect’s face should at least be 85 pixels tall.

Indoors, where space is limited by walls, having the 2.8mm lens, from a corner can provide complete coverage of a room.

Her intentions create her reality and her challenges bring opportunities.

This firmware provides some cool features like the ability to write to a NAS via an SMB/CIFS mount and the ability to turn off the IR LEDs and still have normal day/night operations.This does not mean it’s warrantied or supported by Hikvision USA, but the USA version is also available, albeit for a price premium.If you are not sure which version you are getting, ask the reseller as some are more upfront about this than others.The camera is small and discrete enough to be used indoors or out and has a clean modern look. First the lens is so small they provide a tool to help adjust the lens along it’s 3-axis range of motion. Also included is a micro SD card slot that can hold up to a 64GB card.I used this during my testing and the recorded video was smooth, no lost frames, playback was very easy to work with and went from event to event with minimal delay between recordings.

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