Dr drew married and dating

) a not-so-subtle song, Train’s “Marry Me,” comes on over the speakers. The home-improvement TV star has recorded a few country-music singles in the past with his twin brother, Jonathan, so it’s probably safe to say that he did a good job.

Big fans of the show, though, probably weren’t surprised to hear about the engagement.

The twins will also be releasing a second book, It Takes Two: Our Story, on September 5.

Carey, 59, and Harwick, 36, have been dating since the summer and have shared affectionate photos of each other to social media.

The Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott have found love, and they are now opening up about the women in their lives who have brought them domestic bliss.

Jonathan, 38, who is dating Jacinta Kuznetsov, 28, tells People it's the happiest time in his life.

That's all a thing of the past now for Drew, who says of his leading lady: 'To have this beautiful woman in my life and knowing we're going to get married, it's amazing.' The couple are looking forward to expanding their family, and Drew says adoption has crossed their minds.

When Linda moved into their home, Jonathan remained on as a housemate.

Although once addiction is there, the trappings of celebrity can cause addiction to blossom. And as far as I'm concerned, media is the Rome of our day. The other thing is I tend to get interested in the medical issues of the day. Kors: You're excellent at helping parents with teens who are addicts. Kors: I saw you on promoting the Rx Locker, which safety locks your prescriptions.It was a convenient arrangement for the busy brothers, even though it may have struck some people as an odd set-up.'People were always like, "Isn't that weird? 'It's nice and really convenient to be able to have meetings with the people you live with.' Now, Jacinta and Jonathan are in Toronto, while Drew and Linda purchased a spot in Los Angeles.Not only do the couples work together, but Drew said his bride-to-be is actually his boss.'Linda has been down here with us the whole time while we've been filming,' he told ET Online last year.You know, I originally wanted to do the show with celebrities and regular people, to show that being in treatment was the same for everybody. I've done just about everything in front of a camera you can imagine.But as I was interviewing regular people, I noticed they were confused about the cameras, the recording, just the whole process. Doing this is not a problem." and given them surveys about their family, fame, upbringing, drug use.

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