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Two full hand reapers were expected to cut this width and keep up with the gang or else be docked in their pay.

The fields were run out at the time of sowing in what was called lands eight feet wide.

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83 West Monongahela 116 Monongahela only 117 Monongahela City Methodist Episcopal Church 118 Cyrus Underwood 135 Ira R. Sarah Wilson ISO Scott Family 182 Moses Scott 185 Hon. Daniel Van Voorhis 191 Isaac Van Voorhis 1^9 Death of Mrs. The original settlers in western Pennsylvania based their titles to farms on the tomahawk right.

Rose Ann Davidson 160 Joseph Alexander 164 Death of William Wickerham in 1879 165 Death of John King in 1881 168 -Death of Dr. Lines thus indicated were held sacred by all parties and to this day are legal.

Alexander Hervey Houston 149 Aunt Margaret Philips 150 iv. The Black— Beutley -King Families 151 William Jones Family 15G The Alexander Family IGO Mrs. There was no attention to angles, degrees and chains, the sole object being to designate the boundaries of the tract without reference to the luunber of acres.

farms, and oven now small tracts are found not included, and hence we have vacant land subject to entrv by anyone who will take legal means to obtain a title from the k State.

These irregular lines have given rise to ill shaped 14 Tl(( Old and Netc" Monoi Kja/K/la.

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