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Compared to the castrated control, treatment of castrated rats (with either testosterone or Tribulus extract) showed increase in prostate weight and ICP.There was also a mild to moderate improvement in sexual behavior as evidenced by an increase in mounting frequency."The resemblance of the fruit to a part of the human organ is nothing short of the eighth wonder of the world!" Dr Raj Kumar Sharma, Principal of Dayanand Ayurvedic College, the oldest Ayurvedic college in north India Adult rats were divided into groups of 8 each that included distilled water treated (normal and castrated), testosterone treated (normal and castrated) and Tribulus treated (castrated).Haematology and blood chemistry analysis revealed no apparent change.CONCLUSION: The plant preparation appears to improve the erectile function in ED patients without apparent toxicity.

METHODS: A 3-month randomized double-blind clinical trial was carried out in volunteers with ED, aged 30 years approximately 70 years, to evaluate the therapeutic effect of the crude preparation of Butea superba tubers on ED.Hence, this is tantamount to killing two birds with one stone.This is crucial as scientific research reveals that many erectile problems of men have erectile problems are not necessarily due to blood flow issues, but rather an inherent lack of desire.Which is why we added Deer Velvet as a 2nd ingredient to double the 'chi' tonifying effects of the Polyrachis ant, so that you can have as much sex as you want without feeling 'zapped'.As antlers are how deer maintain their 'pecking order', this velvet is chock full of hormones that stimulate both growth and testosterone production. Peter Yoon of Seoul, South Korea, use velvet deer antler to treat impotence in men.

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