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As a wise quote I once found on Pinterest said, "Better to have loved and lost, than to live with that crazy person for the rest of your life." Ah, marriage.S., your chances of getting divorced are still 50/50, according to University of Maryland Sociology Professor Philip Cohen (52.7% to be exact).At age 7, Evan lost out to Kirsten Dunst for the child lead in Interview with a Vampire.She moved to Los Angeles with her mom and brother, Ira, in 1996 and has had success ever since, appearing in a TV series, TV-movies, and on the Big Screen.They thought the dog looked too much like the dog from Taco Bell TV commercials.Rourke was let go from the film and replaced with Michael Madsen.He adores small dogs and can frequently be spotted with his chihuahuas.In 2009, Rourke lost “the love of (his) life” when his dog Loki died.

Evan and her brothers sometimes performed at Theatre In The Park in Raleigh, North Carolina, where her father is the executive director and founder of the theatre.If you are a child actress growing up in America in the 2000s, there are really only two ways to go: the Miley Cyrus/Hillary Duff route, all bubble gum and Disney musicals and spangles, or the more substantial Dakota Fanning/Abigail Breslin path, one of serious acting cred and Oscar nods—a girl who demands to be taken seriously despite, and sometimes because of, her age.Evan Rachel Wood emerged as a solid member of the latter group; even at age 12, she was on television in a plum role—in the 1999 ABC drama —she played the anorexic lesbian Jessie Sammler, smudging plenty of eyeliner and delivering dozens of tearful monologues over her 55-episode arc. I like taking that old Hollywood idea and putting rock and roll on top of it and messing it up and smudging it.” When went off the air in 2002, Wood had to make the young actress’ Sophie’s choice—to move into more typical teenage froth and risk mass-market sameness, or to continue taking edgy roles and pigeonhole oneself that way.Rourke’s decision to leave acting flipped his life upside down in a handful of ways.For one, it took him away from huge Hollywood checks as he was literally fighting to stay afloat. Rourke claims to have been “paying 0 a month for a one-room apartment with a yard for my dogs.

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