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, which enjoyed phenomenal success that resonates until this day, whilst also enjoying a solo career of his own.But while becoming a worldwide superstar, in his private life, he was battling his own personal demons, including his repressed homosexuality, his unease with the limelight, through to the death of his partner and battle with his record company.Have a watch of our first extended look at a second season on Netflix – despite it not having even aired yet.A second outing for the thriller was confirmed back in April, and it's believed that production has already begun on the next season.The numerous musical talents who provide commentary never at all feel like unsavoury arse kissers, but give off a vibe of genuine admirers, whose musical style was genuinely influenced by George, possibly more than anyone else.You don't know what you've got till it's gone, I guess, and this revealing documentary certainly doesn't let you get away without knowing what exactly a one and only George was.

This potent atmosphere naturally created its fair share of zeitgeist pop culture work, but no works had more of an impact on the public that year than The Wachowski Brothers’ THE MATRIX and David Fincher’s FIGHT CLUB.As such, the films of director David Fincher were among the first that I sought out as a means to study film as an art form and a product of a singular creative entity.His easily identifiable aesthetic influenced me heavily during those early days, and despite having taken cues from a much larger world of film artists as I’ve grown, Fincher’s unique worldview still shapes my own in a fundamental way.has dropped, and it looks as chilling as it does binge-worthy.The series follows Jonathan Groff and Holt Mc Callany as two FBI agents who set out on a sinister investigation to get inside the minds of some of the bureau's most notorious killers.

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