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Hi Nina, I’m Scottish and have recently started dating an Asian guy.

He’s very kind and I enjoy his company but I’m a little worried about the differences in cultures and wondered if you had any advice on dating an Asian guy? I could give you a really unhelpful list of Asian stereotyped tips like….

A condom may not be able to cover the entire genital area though, meaning herpes can still be transmitted, whether through oral sex or intercourse. You can meet quality people and maybe become one of their many success stories!

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Moreover, when oral sex is performed, it can be spread to the genitals. You must tell your partner what you just discovered for he or she deserves to know, in the best possible, and most mature way.

However, the use of protection and sexual pleasures without the presence of an outbreak can significantly bring down the risk and allow you to enjoy the moment. It is advisable to wear condoms to drop the chances of getting herpes really low, and avoid the possibility of acquiring a stronger strain of the virus that will only make things worse. Generally, the risk of getting herpes from oral sex from a person with cold sores is higher than the other way around with a person who does not have oral herpes but has genital herpes. Positive Singles is a dating site for those with herpes who want romance while avoiding the awkward “herpes talk”!

What many do not realize is that it’s not limited to sexual contact involving genitals, completely unaware of what oral herpes or the common cold sores can bring about.

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HSV-1 (oral herpes) spreads to the genitals when a person who has a cold sore goes down on you. Unfortunately, a mere touch of the lips can be the kiss of death for HSV-1 is mainly transmitted by oral-to-oral contact.

Next thing you know, your body exhibits noticeable changes right on your most private part, as herpes sores have been transmitted on the genitals. It’s not surprising how most people who have it have actually been infected during childhood, bestowed by a kiss from a relative or friend who apparently has the herpes simplex virus type 1 or oral herpes.

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