Dating violence curriculum

Asking for help can be terrifying, especially if the victim is concerned about their abuser lashing out in violent ways. Martin is one of the 1 billion people alive today who grew up living with domestic violence.

The impact of this experience lasted into adulthood, but his quest for answers to long-unasked questions eventually led him to a revelation: the unlikely gifts and hidden truths that the experience gave him – and has given others who have lived through the same circumstances.

Domestic abuse can take numerous forms, all with the overarching intention of gaining power and control over another person through the use of fear, intimidation and/or violence.

While not all domestic abuse starts as physical violence, it can escalate to this level if left unchecked.

One adversity with practically no awareness is childhood domestic violence.

How can social workers, counselors, psychologists, etc. To help them unlearn the lies they have learned, we need to bring the tools and information to those who need them, including adults.

Most critically, we need to address the single best predictor of domestic violence, which is childhood domestic violence.

Phil and executive-produced the award-winning documentary, The “Children Next Door.” The National Domestic Violence Hotline is a safe, discreet resource offering trained professionals 24/7 to help victims find help and get out of harmful or dangerous situations.

Free advocacy services can be received via telephone at 1-800-799-7233 or online chatting at their website,

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