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Some objects may be free to have their Basic Information, but not information about their file (or the file itself) published.For our example, the checkbox for Publish will be checked. Use Statement & XLink Use Statement refers to how an object may be used (for example, as a thumbnail or as a video clip).This section is optional if intended use is unknown.

In total, the identifier looks like this: 2014-MFG-0001-Tx U-LS-US iii.A brief history of DACS DACS was adopted in 2004 by the Society of American Archivists, the oldest and largest archival association in North America, to serve as its official standard of rules for describing archival materials. Recommended Reading For students who wish to understand DACS more thoroughly, I would recommend looking at the following links: The SAA's description of DACS A book review of DACS UNC Libraries Wiki (University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Libraries' wiki, discussing how to apply DACS to their collections.DACS provides archivists with ways to make their descriptions analogous ("crosswalks") to AACR2 (Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules), MARC (MAchine Readable Cataloguing) and EAD (Encoded Archival Description), other important standards. 28), and "4.5 Languages and Scripts of the Material" (p. The section "1.1 The 'Typical' Finding Aid' is illuminating.) Click "Create - Digital Object" Basic information Now, we begin to fill out the information fields. Title In Archives, the title of a file is important, so we turn here to the DACS rules to make sure that we are following convention.So when working with real archival materials which may need to be kept private, SHA-2 commands, created by the National Security Agency, are recommended (for example: sha256sum filename.jpg). Label, Expression, Type & Begin Now we begin to input information regarding the dates of the digital object.This section is required by DACS, so we turn to section 2.4: "This element identifies and records the date(s) that pertain to the creation, assembly, accumulation, and/or maintenance and use of the materials being described.

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