Dating tips for guys

We believe we need to have crazy sparks with someone on a first date, so we dismiss awesome people because we don't become obsessed with them right away.We're acutely aware of all the options out there, so we're tempted to just look for someone else when we get bored of whomever we've been seeing.Even if you are not ready to get married in your earlier 20s, mid-20s or even late-20s, you never know if this is the one.You could meet the one and date him or her for a few years and then get married when you are ready.Unfortunately for us, love and dating just can't work that way.Some of the best relationships I've set up started off with pretty unremarkable first dates, but 20-somethings are so quick to move on if they don't feel fireworks on date number one.You have a signature dating mistake that is all yours and has your name written all over it.All your friends and family know your relationships by this mistake.

It is extremely unhealthy to approach relationships this way (and can even trickle into your professional life and ruin your professional network), and then, when you finally do decide you are ready, you will not know what is involved in truly dating and how to have a relationship.Work on yourself and your own life, and wait for the person who adds to the happiness you already feel.When you are both in that place, you will not only be ready for a relationship, but it will be more likely to succeed.One thing I find about a lot of older women is that they are still making their signature dating mistake in their 50s, and they are still unhappy.They managed to marry, but they have patterns, and the marriage and demise even fit the pattern.

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