Dating relationships and the demand withdraw pattern of communication

(The shorthand for this in marital studies is WD/HW, or .) Theorists have proposed that the differences in how women and men are socialized may account for the skew—in this scenario, women seek out affiliation, are more expressive, and fear abandonment while men are more autonomous and afraid of engulfment in relationships.

While this may be true in some cases, this socialization argument, explored in the late 1980s and 1990s, seems to echo the cultural tropes of the times, epitomized by the enormous success of John Gray’s Other research has investigated how power and the nature of the issue at the center of the conflict contribute to this particular pattern with its two polarized roles.

The researcher then read the directions for each section to the participant, allowing them the specified time to complete each section. Measuring routine and strategic relational maintenance: Scale revision, sex verses gender roles, and the prediction of relational characteristics.

Honeycutt and Wieman state that communication reinforces negative emotions in unhappy marriages and accents positive affects in happy marriages.To borrow from gardening, Demand/Withdraw is both tenacious and invasive.On a personal note, I can’t say that the pattern is what wrecked my relationship; I see it more as a symptom of other dysfunction.For example, if 12 out of the 25 participants in the age group 15-25 said good-looking, attractive, handsome, or beautiful, the characteristic would be categorized as attractive and the frequency 49 (12/25 equals .49, or, expressed as a percentage, 49) would be placed in the column Given 15-25. For example, if 3 of the 25 people in the age group 15-25 chose attractive as one of the ten most important characteristics, the frequency would be 12 (3/25 equals .12, or, expressed as a percentage, 12).

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    Be honest with yourself and each other about the limitations a disability might bring to a relationship. By openly discussing the physical challenges as a couple, you’ll be working to overcome a far more common (and destructive) kind of dating disability: lack of communication.

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