Dating reality stories

The series is also distributed on Amazon Video, and was previously distributed through Netflix, i Tunes, and LOGOonline.They lodge together in a mansion while Calpernia stays in a separate cottage on the estate.Calpernia decides to eliminate Blaine, who previously revealed that he had owned a transsexual porn business.Since Calpernia is from the Southern United States, her friends are invited to a Southern dinner—which the bachelors must prepare.The next day, Calpernia visits to spend some alone time with Mark.Peter (who's worried about having had no alone time with her) and Mike crash the end of their date.

Viewers also vote their preferences online, but it is Addams who chooses whom to eliminate.The men shop at a nearby kosher market, and make kosher substitutions for the non-kosher ingredients that the recipes call.At first the men get along while preparing the meal but things become more strained as the cooking progresses.Each man spends a few minutes talking with her while the rest talk with her friend Andrea.Later that night, the men are invited to a "sleepover" with a Middle Eastern theme: the men dress in thongs and loincloths, and must cater to Calpernia by fanning her, feeding her tidbits, rubbing her feet, and dancing.

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