Dating in a sexually segregated society datingsitegratis org

Some refer to this system as a form of gender apartheid.

Women are not allowed to marry, obtain a passport, or travel without the permission of their guardians.

But this is not the law and in practice, many women attend healthcare facilities without guardians.

Saudi blogger Eman al-Nafjan, complaining about the devastating effects of the male guardianship system, poses the dilemma of a friend being abused by her father.

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Citizenship is transferred to children through their father, so a child born to an unwed mother is not legally affiliated with the father and is therefore "stateless." Also, the government does not automatically grant Saudi citizenship to the children of Saudi women if their fathers are not Saudi.Women also face discrimination when it comes to child custody.A Saudi woman may keep her children until they reach the age of seven for girls and nine for boys.Unlike men, women do not have a unilateral right to divorce.A wife can obtain a divorce only if she pays back her dowry or can prove in court that her husband has harmed her; a man can divorce his wife unilaterally, without any legal justification.

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