Dating drew peterson

"I think we're probably going to send a chaperone on the date just to be on the safe side," Dahl said, adding that he was "kidding." Peterson said Dahl could be the chaperone as long as there wasn't any "three-way stuff." The show will allow Peterson to pick his choice out of three bachelorettes, Dahl said.Peterson also claims women are drawn to him and during a recent visit to a tavern, female patrons bought him drinks and gave him their phone numbers.Four years later, Peterson's fourth wife, Stacy Peterson, disappeared without a trace.Drew insisted that Stacy left him, and she's never been found.But now, speaking publicly, for the first time in this Crime Watch Daily exclusive, Drew Peterson's own sister-in-law is breaking her silence to talk about what it was like to live under the same roof with a killer.Before former police sergeant Drew Peterson was a household name for all the wrong reasons, Norma Peterson knew him as the sometimes over-the-top brother of her husband Paul. After two kids, and six years of marriage, she caught Drew cheating, and that was the end. She lasted 10 years before asking for a divorce when Drew started dating Kathleen Savio. And according to Susan, Kathleen didn't find out until much later, only after Drew made her wife number three.

After 11 years of matrimony, Kathleen caught drew in a very familiar position. However, the details of the divorce settlement with Kathleen had still yet to be finalized.

However, Raines reportedly dumped him in late January 2009 after he gave a .

On the show, Raines describes Peterson as "very kind and loving, very nice…he makes me laugh." When Drew was asked what makes Raines different from his first four wives, he replies, "It's a feeling." Drew later complained that Raines dumped him two weeks after he went to prison.

The contest wouldn't serve Peterson any purpose, Bosco said.

"There's probably more women who are disgusted of him at this point," Bosco said.

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