Dating and mate selection in the industrial world

Confucianism also claimed that the ability to manage a family that included more than one wife and set of children was part of the steps of learning for spiritual growth.

During the 4th Century BC, the Etruscans of Italy were described to have the women giving themselves to men that were not their husbands and participating in some sort of public orgy with drink and a feast, after which all the men and women watched each other having sex and swapped partners.

Sarah gave Abraham her handmaid when she was unable to have children. Hannah gave her husband her handmaid and from that sexual encounter came Samuel.

According to traditional Islamic law, a man may take up to four wives, and each of those wives must have her own property, assets, and dowry.

During the Chou dynasty (770 - 222 BC), female homosexuality was widespread, but male homosexuality was forbidden.

For a brief time, it was believed that female prostitutes had acquired more "yin" than other women because they had sex with so many men and therefore men could gain more yin from prostitutes than normal women.

In [communes and extended families] we will approximate the ancient groupings our species has relied on for survival: small bands whose variety of strengths and talents give great resilience against outside threats, and whose interior psychological life is rich and complicated enough to challenge its members' developmental potentials." Polygyny, the most common form of Polgyamy, is widely practiced in many African cultures and countries.

Fraternal Polyandry, where one woman is married to brothers, is traditionally practiced among nomadic Tibetans including Nepal and parts of China.

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The Roman Empire allowed men to marry women at 12 whether she had reached puberty or not, to engage in adultery, to have sex with prostitutes, concubines and slaves, and to rape women.elationships of some form of non-monogamy have been around for as long as human civilization has been around, some of which were even honest, multi-partner relationships and not cheating.Today's concept of monogamous, nuclear families is a very recent development ... It is important to note that "it has always been so" is not a good enough reason, by itself, to continue doing anything.That suggests matrilineal lineage of children if the women were allowed to have multiple partners with no worry of illegitimacy of their children.The Torah (what Christians know as The Old Testament) includes specific regulations regarding polygamy, including: Exodus , which states that multiple marriages are not to diminish the status of the first wife; Deuteronomy -17, which states that a man must award the inheritance due to a first-born son to the son who was actually born first, even if he hates that son's mother and likes another wife more; and Deuteronomy , which states that the king shall not have too many wives.

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