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Behind the prostitution initiative “In order to make spending money, many girls initiated prostitution, referred prostitution and clients, also formed fixed circle, kind of like the so-called Enjo-kōsai in the Japanese society.” Zhabei District Procuratorate prosecutor handling the case told the local media, and described the case as "." Chief juvenile criminal prosecution Han Konglin said, these girls do not have a sense of shame towards money and sex trades.

Some of the girls come from well-off families, they sell their youth simply because of vanity, love for shopping, pleasure and lack of spending money in hand.

According to reports, when Xiaowen, Pingping and Nana started engaging in prostitution, they were all under 18. Due to family misfortune, Nana dropped out of the school and had been wandering in the streets. Since 2009, they communicated through the Internet and telephone etc..

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It's a pretty intense code, and I have no idea how anyone even gets a text message from any of these girls, suffice to say that it worked for a fair bit of time.In late 2007, in a widely circulated forum post about Shanghai middle school prostitution, one netizen wrote enviously, “There is a woman started prostitution when she was 17, seven years later, she is now 24, do you know how much money she made? But it’s not just Xiaowen, everyone in this group had the desire of over-consumption, in the sex trade industry, supply began to form.“We play, shop for clothes, jewelry, eat, drink and seek excitement, all need money, over time the allowance parents give us was not enough.The female participants range from primarily school-aged girls to housewives., “in Tokyo downtown shopping district, I was driving a remarkable red sports car, living in high-end luxury homes.Open the door, a very soft and spacious bed, rolling in the ecstatic bed sheets…

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