Cut him loose dating

Find someone who only pays compliments when they're of the genuine and thoughtful category.

Unless he is extremely far away, there should be no reason for him to miss you this so early on.

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There are plenty of other guys who would love to talk to you without weirdly specific patterns of when he's available!

If you know more about this guy via his social media activities than you do from information he tells you directly, either you are a stalker or you are wasting your time.

Imagine what if you could make any man adore you, chase you, love you, and commit to you?

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Right now, you mostly converse over the phone or in a group setting.If he only wants to knock it out, he will spend only as much time as it takes to get you into bed.If he wants a real relationship with you he will be calling you frequently and inviting you to do more things with him and to spend more time with him.The more frequently he calls you, the higher on his list of priorities you are.If you are hearing from him on a daily basis, keep him.

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