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However, an online publication dated September 19, 2005, identifies the elusive group as a combination of the West Virginia and Oregon National Guards, signing themselves as TFW (Task Force Wildcat).18 Structures marked with KEN were specifically searched for bodies by Kenyon International Emergency Services, a Texas company that provided mobile morgue services.The codes indicate that two bodies were removed from this structure on October 2, 2005.In addition to wind and water damage, infrastructure destruction, uncertainty about the fate of family, neighbors, and friends, and a complete disruption of familiar life, the appearance of the codes added another unknown—a mysterious graphic with alphanumeric markings spray-painted on homes, schools, businesses, and places of worship. With some 80% of New Orleans’ structures marked, the code commanded unprecedented attention.14 Distinct markings will be made inside the four quadrants of the X to clearly denote the search status and findings at the time of this assessment.Some residents immediately deciphered their meanings. There were also interpretations available such as a September 17, 2005, front-page article.3 Too often, though, the message sent was not the message received. The discovery that what I had perceived to be marks of annihilation were in fact useful tools did not diminish the visceral experience of seeing those Xs scrawled across my beloved city. The marks will be made with carpenter chalk, lumber crayon, or duct tape and black magic marker., Dorothy Moye described the widespread use of the X-code, an iconic graphic applied by search-and-rescue teams in 2005 post-Katrina New Orleans.Here, in a virtual exhibition, Moye presents X-code images selected from the work of more than twenty-five photographers in the intervening five years. .”12 The images gathered in this virtual exhibition entertain all these interpretations and more."Exhausted National Guardsmen take a break from patrolling isolated communities around New Orleans.Only residents and emergency workers are allowed access following Hurricane Katrina." (FEMA caption) A different form of code seen frequently in the Upper Ninth Ward, is the mysterious TFW code.

Although outdoors the codes are fading and disappearing, the X-code photographs, recorded by anyone in the vicinity during the last five years with a camera, constitute a documentary archive with tales to tell. “I began documenting these signs immediately and continue to do so.“Amazing how hard it is to find info,” said Thomas four-and-a-half years later.“But—while they were doing the S&R, no one was even thinking of keeping records.” Jackson Barracks historian Thomas M.There are twenty-eight US&R task forces throughout the United States.While the codes are specified as their communication tool, in the chaos following the storm, first responders from other agencies often used a variant of the code, improvised their own, or may not have marked at all.

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