City by updating profile

An account may be disabled by setting the authentication method to "No login".

The account email may not be used to create another account.

If you want to be more specific about a location that the site was unable to find, you may wish to add additional information about your location, like landmarks nearby, in the My Home section of your profile (or in direct messages to Surfers planning to stay with you).

Please send us a link to the Google maps page showing your exact location. Once we have some more information from you and once we can find your location, we can see what is causing this issue.

Add a new user or Browse list of users or by clicking the profile of a user and clicking the Edit profile link in the User details secton.

To make sure your location is saved correctly, be sure to select a City, State (if applicable), and Country location from the autocomplete search bar in the "Location" field, even if you are not entering a street address. Adding additional information to the location fields after they have been populated may cause the site to not be able to find your location.

If you continue to see the error "", here are some additional steps that may help: 1) As we use the Google location database, find your location using Google Maps: https:// Once you find your location, notice the format that they show to describe your location.

2) Go to the Couchsurfing location form and delete any existing information in the location fields.

Remember to click 'Update profile' when you have finished.

User policies, a gravatar you might have attached to your email account will appear as your profile image if you don't upload a different one.

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