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are not only for Indian as well as people living in UK, USA, Canadan and of course Pakistan.India is famous for its hospitality and chilled confabs.Kannadigas believe that marriage is actually spiritual mating of two souls, thus the occasion is celebrated by following age-old customs and traditions.For people in Karnataka, vedic rituals are more important than pomp and show.A copper pot filled with water and having coconut at the top is placed symbolizing the start of the wedding celebration.Following this, the first wedding invitation is given to almighty to procure his blessings for the couple.

If stars align perfectly, predicting a happy and prosperous future then only the families agree to the marriage alliance.

The basic structure of Kannada matrimonial ceremony is similar to other Indian weddings having some pre-wedding, wedding and post wedding functions.

Let's see how Kannadigas celebrate the coming together of two souls.

We are ..."Kannada matrimony (ಕನ್ನಡ ಮ್ಯಾಟ್ರಿಮೋನಿ) takes place between a bride and groom whose mother tongue is Kannada.

The language of Kannada is spoken predominately in the state of Karantaka where it is the official administrative language.

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