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The UN recently published a milestone report on the growing numbers of people who are migrating from country to country across the world.

Most move from economically poor countries to economically rich ones but there has been a hint of change.

'I have a friend here, an Australian who comes from a respectable middle class family in Melbourne.

After his divorce from his wife in Australia, he moved to Thailand and now works as a top executive in a media company here in Bangkok.

His comments relate to the growing trend for US and UK women to travel to Thailand not simply to visit the normal tourist sites but who want to find out more about what foreign men are really up to in Thailand.

'Yes it is a trend, there are actually Christian and social groups who are setting up shop trying to convert sex workers off their chosen profession.

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The man, a former taxi driver in England, says he has slept with a different Thai girl nearly every day during his 8 years living in Pattaya, one of Thailand's top destinations for foreigners seeking sun and sex.

'Since the 1970's, when the sex scene in Thailand started making headlines on the international stage, Bangkok and Thailand has been labeled with a bit of a reputation.

Now with a growing wave of expats appearing in Thailand, with the advent of cheaper flights and the global village, everyone knows a relative, cousin or friend whose second home is Thailand.' Johnny Cornell revels in his new life in Thailand.

On the other hand, the US is the country of choice for many Thai women marrying foreigners with over 300,000 Thai women having American marriage or life partners.

'One of the key reasons for the lower number of Americans moving to live in Thailand is that American citizens must still file tax returns at home no matter where in the world they reside.

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