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The Party Line goes the typical route and has the girls momentarily misplace the present ( while oglling some boys!Sheesh ) and then find it – at the boys job so that he thinks they did it on purpose. As for the creation of the business – once again each story echos with a similar accident when a mother of one of the party guests is so impressed she calls to ask the girls to repeat the performance for her child’s upcoming birthday party!

Orgasmaniacs gives you premiere quality photographs and movie footage of beautiful women having real orgasms.) however the Party Line sets up some implausibilities and leaves strings hanging that I didn’t like – though Allie is all buzzed for the rock concert she’s hardly of driving age and wether or not this would accommodate any parental schedule or wether she could go alone or with a friend isn’t even mentioned.Then for the girls first party, a week away, they decide to make it a costume party – I don’t know what parent would want to whip up a costume for their four year old with only a weeks notice but they run into no jams.Not only are they praised by a famous visiting documentary director but they manage to show up the sixer’s and in later books redeem their spot in the club. The Party Line leaves it to sheer luck , predictable luck at that – Vermillion is eating at her friends restaurant , the mother introduces her to the artist who promptly offers the tickets , the backstage pass, the words of advice.Bleech , I couldn’t buy it – don’t get me wrong I love the Party Line – # 4 Rosie’s Popularity Plan – it’s one of my favorite make-over themed series books but this ending seemed trite , like the author had turned fairy godmother and waved a magic wand over the proceedings.

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