Carbon dating of fossils khufu ship carbon dating

What a critic would not proclaim is that it was a real car but the spring in the postage scale was stuck. Even giving a scientific-sounding explanation for spring jamming, that idea is ludicrous.No family car, if it is a real car, would do anything less than squash a small postal scale.

Age of Dinosaurs Why did I use an example of a car, when it’s over 2,000 times too heavy for a small postal scale?In that case, we really can “triumphantly” declare that the ball weighs only a few ounces.The commenter on that discussion was completely wrong. Not if the person weighing the ball already had some evidence that it was a fake bowling ball, one that weighed much less than a real one.Today, I did a Google search with “radiocarbon dating dinosaurs” (not in quotes).The second place position on the first page was an article by an organization that is centered on two goals, one of them being to support traditional ideas about evolution.

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