Cameron diaz and keanu reeves dating

SEE ALSO: Dwyane Wade explains his wildest fashion moments and his 'humbling' introduction to the fashion world"I just went, 'I can't really say who I am to myself,' which is a hard thing to face up to," she said at the Goop Wellness Summit over the weekend."I felt the need to make myself whole."The actress doesn't have any future projects listed on IMDB and hasn't been linked to any upcoming films.A source said:"Cameron was stuffing her burger in her mouth and playing up the fact that she has that wide mouth.

The Charlie’s Angels star has been linked to a string of leading men in the last few months, but which of these Hollywood heartthrobs has really made a genuine play for Cameron’s heart?According to rumours doing the rounds, Cameron has enjoyed nights out with Leonardo Di Caprio, Jude Law, Jason Lewis and Adam Levine in 2009, but now it seems Speed star Reeves is the man of the hour.Cameron and Keanu were spotted dining together at a restaurant in Los Angeles recently before skulking off to take in a movie together. These are the questions swirling around as the quiet and private actor has suddenly returned to the spotlight.Other women Reeves has been rumored to have dated include a very lengthy list!

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