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So the solution was to figure out ways to lock and unlock doors from the outside.

At around 2000 BC, the Egyptians invented a complex key system that involved using strings to manipulate several cylindrical pieces of wood through a hole.

In 1952/1953, while we waited for a house to be built, we lived in Magog, 10 miles away and went to school there. Luc street, above a candy store and just down the street from the textile mill.

(see the early photos of the mine site below “pistard”-click on “voir images”) It seemed to me that Magog was bi-lingual. As luck would have it, that neighbourhood was 100% French speaking.

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The palace of Sargon II at Khorsabad (built from 717-706 BC) featured a new type of lock that used loose pins to hold the bolt in place.

I was 10 years old and before long had met our 3rd floor neighbours, twin girls, Marie Anne & Marie Marthe who insisted that I join in games with other kids, so they drew pictogram’s in the sandy yard and we communicated just fine.

I went to La Colonie (the beach/park) on Saturdays with them and to movies at the church.

I attended Grade five at a brand new school-The Princess Elizabeth school and Her Majesty became Queen Elizabeth in 1953, a very exciting event.

In 1954 we moved to a new duplex at the mine site and I was distressed to learn that I would be going to yet another school, Waterloo High School.

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