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“I was very straight with Jo and told her that I needed to write a different ending,” she told the Radio Times.“It’s still heartbreaking, but I had to find some kind of redemptive moment at the end of it all, that sense that after the tragedy, someone gets to stand with a slightly straighter back.” She added: “Also, what works in a novel doesn’t always work on screen.I lost my vision in 91 and thus also have some strong interest in the rights of the blind, braille, mobility, and adaptive technology.I have taught computers at the college level for years and have decided computers are not only my job but my hobby.My name is Jeff, but you can call me Counselor, as do many of my friends.That is how I'm known on my BBS, Blind Man's Bluff.

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At present I'm involved with activities outside the piano trade.

I sit on the Blackburn and Darwen Blind societies Committee.

In particular, it follows the fate of Krystal Weedon, a troubled teenager blighted with a drug-addict mother and left in sole charge of her toddler brother.

The Casual Vacancy, written in 2012, received mixed reviews when it was released, with one Telegraph writer calling parts “so howlingly bleak that it makes Thomas Hardy look like PG Wodehouse”.

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    Rather than continuing to increase the tax burden on middle-class and working families, we must demand that the wealthy pay their fair share in taxes by creating a progressive income tax, closing the carried interest loophole, and taxing financial transactions.

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