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Meaning the price you pay includes the type of massage you choose plus full service sex with your chosen massage lady. This stuff is so slippery that when it is applied all over your body by a young nubile Thai girls hands and body it’ll be hard to contain your load.“Supposedly” these nuru gels are made from seaweed and all natural.

All inclusive shops typically ask for payment up front. But it feels so good all over your body while a girl is riding up on your cock and balls that you wouldn’t care if it was made from melted Tupperware.

And depending on the establishment you’ll be offered a photo album to look through pictures of ladies employed on premise wearing skimpy outfits in slutty poses. Meaning you can request to take a look at any available ladies.

The mamasan will call up the massage girls and line them up all in front of you.

However, I prefer heading to the Phrom Phong section of Bangkok.

From the map below, you’ll see that I have a short list of 20 oil massage shops that basically doubles as brothels.

You are in the shop looking to get laid with a young hot Thai massage girl right?

Though highly recommended if you’re planning to see the same oil massage girl in the near future. But it’s slippery, warm and wet which is why it is a lot fun. I suppose I’m a bit sensitive in that area and every time I see a menu that offers 4-hands balls massage I cringe.

I highly recommend giving it a go as there are quite a handful of oil massage shops in Phrom Phong area that provide this service at an extra cost though. Because let’s face it, massage girls have no clue how our nuts, if not handled correctly can cause our boys some serious pain.

Now everyone should be aware that a vast majority of massage ladies working in these shops are not professional masseuse.

So you’re not going to have a life changing massage experience.

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