Avira antivir stops auto updating

But, yep, WD (MSE under Win7/Vista) may be the only "free" AV that does not include some sort of ads, popups, bundled toolbars, or junk.

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There is no "right" or "best" answer to suit all computers and users.

If you’re using Avira’s Free antivirus and are a mad computer user like me that never reboots his computer (unless something blows up), you might have noticed that Avira periodically updates its program (beside the virus definitions) and asks for a system restart to complete this.

Well, the computer restart isn’t as necessary as it appears, but restarting Avira is indeed the only option for the program to update itself.

Becuz I kept getting the nag popups to update to version 9 I did so, but it just won't update. Meaning I can install everything except programs that need to access my /windows/system or /system32 directories. That file is in the "Windows\System32\drivers" folder. You can download a new one that contains the default entries from Bleepingcomputer.

I searched Google for answers but haven't come across a satisfying solution so far. Click on the Connections tab, then the LAN Settings button. Remove the checks from all the boxes (unless you KNOW one of them should have the checkmark). MOVE it out onto your desktop (but remember where it went!! Restart the system for good measure and try updating Avira again. Just google "remove my security engine" and it's one of the first pages listed.

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