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Tied up in restrictive rope bondage Casey is struggling amidst a torn apart room and begging to be untied but Tommy sees an opportunity to have some fun with this hot little brunette.

Xander is shy at first, but soothed by her talk about revolutionary work relations and everything being natural, he goes ahead and dommes the shit out of her with a strict flogging, face slapping, spitting, and spanking.

When her rich ass is bright hot red and raised in the air she takes her from behind, fucking her into complete cumming submission.

Beaten red and screaming in tight rope ties, Xander takes him time fucking all their holes, watching them come around to love his cock and eating each other's pussy's with taboo pleasure. Read the rest of this entry ...

Tina Kay - Sperm-Hungry Vamp Tina Kay is a sperm-hungry vamp from Lithuania.

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