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Those made Sthat bill a hopeless (Contradiction, and were cthe chief reason for tlio Preaidcn C'2 veto.

Tclc Erama and letters from friends and relatives were rend by Roy Hondo. Roy Hondo, Tom Abo, Tad Abo nnd Sam Osawa, Flowers were carried by Suml Abo. RADIO DISPATCHED FARM DELIVERY GAS, OILS, GREASES Tractor Filters- Aj Ccessoriea • BUDGET PAYMENTS • TRADING STAMPS and with tu D married children, both at Taeoma. and Mrs, Jay Crawrord, dcr, Wyo., are vlslllnn his ilater, Mrs. 5 This wilt not be easy, since basically the gprogtom is one calling for taking marginal Band other land out of production. C The best news about the how bill Is that Mt-la shorn of the rigid price support provisions ■•tacked onto the earlier measure.

■PAGEFOUB TIMES-NEWS, TWIN FALLS, IDAHO., WEDNESDAY, Mav 30. S REVAMPED FARM BILL fc They were poor prophela who forecaat there Pwouldn't be another lann bill after President t Elaenhower vetoed the b\g omnibus bill ot 51956. Yet It Is Sa considerably smaller price than demanded Epreviously.

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Infotmrd Italian quar- •I'd Ihat Tito and To- Wt Jl- "oicow from i Tm ? reoioriai day In cltlea ttiat aaw the bl Utrert ll(htlnf-*"d claimed the BTet Urt toll in American IUe»-ln Ihe two world U. Amb BM*'''"" Wlnlhrop Aid- rich laid a wrc^'h on thr tonib ot th B unknown warrior In West- mlruier Abby to WBhllitht dedication lerr Jcts in Br Jliil"' . C The gimmick Is that no one can get the tiecord in a retail shop.

It was, perhaps, one ot the nlceai things Cart Ersltlnc ever d Single in l Otb Gives Billings AMEDl CAN LI: ACUC PACin C t OABT. -"■uav s jihiv «()) h,"" *•■ Boys who will not have reached thcir'i Sth v^u'-l anniversary by Aug.Andrews, the Ifl M American public links champion, waa especially impressive 'Tucs Etay as he knocked oft a pair of other Americana to get Into the lourlh round. Cult lei der Ous Bell smaalied three homers to produce seven RBI's and propel Brook* Lawrence 'to his sixth victory without dcleat In Clndn- na U'a 10-4 triumph over the Chicago Cubs. "" ' Clllf Whittle, proatiiit m course; John Drlpi Onnl and Richard Moon , Williams: ' Sportsmen Buyi Land for Use | As Access Atea L The Southern Idaho Tjk ^1 Game association h*s puici'jjfdir B proximately Uo acrei it it,, a-Ti ein comer of Muruunh Uttu,! nfe.i, (1 anj iri&wl Tuesday by Robcri Petlypot TRii dent ol the a.uoctntlon, ■ Tfie land WM purchiirf tal Harold Mcnser lor COo ftttji Ci revealed, "Mr, Menser hai b K«nl cwpera Uve and sc feei li Snm rpslly have nccompliilitd Ma-Jal lor the iporlsmcn through hifr B operation," said Peiijgro»f.Andrews whipped Billy Ooodloe, the long-hlttlng Qeor Blnn. Then he took youne Jennings Randolph ot Belhesdn, Md„ a strong lavorlic In ihclr third round match r a lopslder B and S score. unperiurbed white other Americans were being benten all around, whipped Scotland's Tom Armstrong-'ln the Uilrd round. Big Don Ncwcombo silenced Dale Long^ booming horns run bat and the PIttsburgli Pirates 10-1 Tuesday for his seventh victory of the season. loum^'l low qua lull tournament will jpfn..' they win compeie wuh li from all i B s[,.n„ '„ Aljskalor lnco.„„^-| Two »1,000 nchn Uriliita ,., , ,-srded, plus a i SM ij^^L^'m scholarship, Oene Ulller, Cjli Iom L, thu Ml. I The sportsmen's group ■l Uba B two cattle guards ilong ttt rajl through the access strip lai ;! M Cost of materlab for dirtl^l of the area was est Unstedslt:i^l more thun »100, ■ Sale of Mounties Hits Legal Snag OAKLAND, Calif, May SO Ut-A _ilt waa tiled Tuesday to prevent sate ot the Vancouver Coost'league b.Ritln tuk will be to gwi the B«ltlc wa, Itutt IC* lale- w»r to Hit At Un Uc, Oenniryl flnt n«f the jnajor problemi lelcnce facej.Ttw-top lonrmnent aviation re- teaich aitncy d Uclo Kd Ule yeater- i Sij that It hi« dereloped a "llfht- sai mn" It lla Uotfett Held labora- '^ry which flru mlullei ot three- QUaiter inch diameter Into prea- aurlied tanki.

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