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In the season three finale 'Graduation Day', Buffy and Faith share a coma dream in which Faith cryptically says: "Little Miss Muffet, counting down to 730".

At this time, Buffy had two years (730 days) left to live.

PHOTOS: Famous TV and movie witches In addition to spilling secrets about Gellar, Hannigan also shared one about herself during the show.

This is one of the few undisputed facts of pop culture.

Hannigan, who played sidekick-turned-witch Willow Rosenberg, appeared on Bravo's on Wednesday, May 8, and revealed behind-the-scenes secrets about the show while playing "Plead the Fifth" with host Andy Cohen. PHOTOS: Sarah Michelle Gellar's maternity style When Gellar commented on the show's end in 2003, she admitted that she wanted to try new things. "This has been the longest span of my life in one place.

PHOTOS: '90s TV stars then and now "Who was the most annoyed to be on by the end of the show's run? "Sarah," Hannigan, 39, replied, to which the audience reacted in surprise. "It was a lot of work." But in another segment of the show, the ? There've been times where that's been difficult — you want to pick up and go, try other things, live in different places.

A season one shot of her school records showed her birthday as October 24, 1980, while another showed May 6, 1979.

Buffy's birthday episodes were always aired in January from this point on, and it was decided by Joss Whedon that her birthday is January 19, 1981, which is the year that appears on her tombstone in 'The Gift'., but these became prohibited once Buffy moved from the WB to rival network UPN.

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