Alexandra daddario and logan lerman dating

But that won't last forever Alexandra Daddario is an American Actress.

She is best known for playing Annabeth Chase in the Percy Jackson Films Series, and Blake Gaines in San Andreas.

So it was very much your chemistry with Logan that won the role for you then?

AD: I think chemistry, as far as bouncing energies off each other or responding to each other, I think some actors or actresses can be – they don't respond.

Was there ever a sense of being overwhelmed by the bigger stars in the film? These are people that I admire and have admired and to have the ability to watch them and listen to them and work with them was incredible.

How did you feel when you heard Pierce Brosnan and Uma Thurman were involved? You enjoy it instead of getting neurotic about it, I suppose.

At least for now – hopefully I'll have another job. I've done other films – I did a small horror film, which was my first lead and I think every single thing I've done up to this point was sort of preparing me, you know?

It sounds dreadfully unfair that you go into these other auditions and you're giving your all and you have to react to someone who's just a piece of cardboard. It's just, you know, they want to see what you can do and, if anything, it's great preparation to handle the intensity of the screentest with Chris Columbus and the people I screentested with.

And that doesn't necessarily create an environment that is comfortable to act in and if you're acting against an assistant – well, sometimes you're acting with a real actor, but it's not real.

So you can't get the genuine sense of chemistry there.

I was, for some moments, but more just enjoyed it and learned as much as I could from all the amazing people that I had the honour of working with.

Chris Columbus said in the press conference that your chemistry with Logan Lerman was an important part of the audition. Did you have to audition opposite other actors too?

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