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A thirty year old who had issues like that needs to take them elsewhere. He then reveals to you that he is a virgin, indeed has never even kissed a girl before. Question submitted via Formspring: “I’m a 27 years old guy and have never dated and never had a girlfriend.Humor is good, as is intelligence; but the most attractive thing a man can have is CONFIDENCE.Rather than focus on your shortcomings, spend some time looking at everything you have going for you now, and everything you’ve achieved up until this point.

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I would enquire to ask but the fact remains it could be due to his religion or maybe he has values and morals. Experience can actually make a man worse in bed because he has bad habits!! The right woman would be not scary and expectant but patient and wanting to please.You’ve been attracted to girls, but got shot down every time you’ve tried; now you are wondering what the problem is.Based on the fact that you didn’t mention any glaring personal defect, like being really short, or massively overweight, let us assume this means you are a relatively average guy.If you aren’t proud of what you’ve done so far, set some goals and get after them; the more confident you become in who and what you are, the more that it will begin to shine through.100 million years of evolution have equipped women with a desire to have the best mate possible (however she conceives of it, of course); and she won’t believe you are the best if you don’t! And if you love me back, click ‘share’ up at the top! Dave Walters Writer, Life Coach, and Talk Radio Host Find out more about me: Walters Ask me anything: Walters Pages I support: Jesus and Buddha — Interfaith dialog Gnostic Theism — Religion and Spirituality for the 21st Century (Join the Movement! Dave Walters is like a mix between Joel Osteen, Tony Robbins, and the Old Spice Guy.

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