Ado child updating

To further refine the scope of this tutorial, all of the examples will use SQL Server.

You can download the Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine (MSDE 2000) here: contains documentation on how to perform an installation. NET, but it is one of the many data sources you can interact with by using ADO.

The data adapter makes it easy for you to accomplish these things by helping to manage data in a disconnected mode.

Additionally, the data adapter contains command object references for SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE operations on the data. You have several Data Providers, which allow communication with different data sources, depending on the protocols they use or what the database is.Data Set objects are in-memory representations of data.They contain multiple Datatable objects, which contain columns and rows, just like normal database tables.Similarly, the connection object name would be prefixed with Odbc or Sql for an Odbc Connection object on an Odbc data source or a Sql Connection object on a SQL Server database, respectively. This section introduces some of the primary objects you will use.Since we are using MSDE in this tutorial (a scaled down version of SQL Server) all the API objects will have the Sql prefix. Over the course of this tutorial, you’ll be exposed to many more ADO.

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